• 2016/17        "BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS" - play              
    2013            “A HOT MINUTE” – staged reading – Manhattan Theatre Club
    2012/13        “BEI MEIR BISTU SCHEON – musical - current
    2009/10       “AMAZING JOURNEY” – One Woman Play – Dr. Erica Miller,                    producer
    2007/2008   “A HOT MINUTE” Nederlander World Wide Productions (Europe)
    2000/2002   “WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE”  Rock N Roll love story – current
    1996/2001     “A HOT MINUTE (current) Off-Broadway – musical – two                     productions 
  • 1998/9          “GALAXY 999” Japan – Musical Theatre adaptation of cartoon.                     Producer – Mitsubishi Organization
    1996/1998     “DARLENE LOVE – PORTRAIT OF A SINGER” Off-Broadway –                    Musical
                      “A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU”  Off-Broadway Musical adaptation                   of Phil Spector’s Christmas album.
    1990/2         “JUST ONCE” Off-Broadway Musical using Mann/Weil Music.
    1986/88        “LEADER OF THE PACK” Off-Broadway - Musical Broadway Musical. –                 Tony Nominated for Best Musical


    2016/17      "APRIL’S FOOLS" – Current development
  •                  'THE MATTER OF LIFE ' – current development
                     'THE SICILIAN SOLUTION  ' – current development 2013/14                                UNTITLED SCREENPLAY   In development, Ilan Duran Cohen -                  director
    2013           UNTITLED SCREENPLAY  In development for                                              Howard Gottfried Productions
    20011/12     “TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE”    Howard Gottfried Productions
    2008/9       “POWER” Steven Haft, Producer
    2002/3       “THE WAVERLYS” Walt Disney Productions Alan Menken, Producer
    2001/2        “WELCOME HOME”
                      “THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER” Troma Productions Michael Herz,                   Producer

    2016/17       "DATING UNTIL DEATH! Web series.  Martin GuiGui, Director
    20115/16      'THE BOTTOM LINE”   (in current development) One hour pilot Tom                   Fontana, Producer
                     “GANDER”   (in current development) Two hour television film Steven                   Haft, producer
  •                   CBS PILOT  Stan Brooks, Producer
                     “KNOTS LANDING” – CBS  Lorimar Productions
                     “LOVING FRIENDS AND PERFECT COUPLES” Lorimar Productions                  “HIS MUSIC MAKES ME DANCE” PBS Television - Documentary                   Jacques D’Amboise, Producer
                     “HEAD SHOT” Award Winning Short – HBO Ilan Duran Cohen, director

    2015          "PRODUCER #ONE| - HE MADE THE MUSIC
                     Story of George Goldner
                    “GM – WE’RE LISTENING – GENERAL MOTORS – Scot Keller,                  Producer
     2014        ‘HITSVILLE USA” - The Story of Motown  HITSVILLE USA – Herb                 Rather, Produce